How painting Began

How painting Began
People all dream, whether they want to or not. Even animals dream. A cat’s ears and tail sometimes twitch in his sleep, while dogs whine and growl and paw the air, just as if they were having  a fight. Even when they are awake, animals ‘see things,’ so that a cat’s fur will rise on his back, for no apparent reason, as he peers into a dark cupboard. And we, too, have goose pimples when we feel frightened.
That is imagination at work. People are not the only animals who have imagination, but we are the only ones who can tell each other about it. If we tell each other in words, we have made a story out of it, and if we take a pencil an draw it, we have made a picture.  To imagine means to ‘make an image,’ or a picture, in our minds.
There are many different ways for our imaginations to get started. Thus it may happen, at times when we are ill in bed with nothing to do, that a crack in the ceiling will suddenly begin to look like and animal or a tree after we have kept our eye on it for some time. Our imagination fills in the lines that aren’t there, Even an ink blot on folded paper (figure 1) will make us think of a lot other things, although it was made entirely by accident. Psychologists know this and have made up ink blot tests to find out what is on our minds; for each of us, depending on the sort of person we are, will see different pictures in the same blot.

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